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Repeat Prescription

Patients on regular medication do not always need to see a doctor for a repeat of their medicine. You will be issued with a computer slip attached to your prescription. This should be returned to the surgery when you need further medication, after ticking the items that you require. It is also possible to book via this website (see link on homepage). For further information on registering for this service please contact Ms Brogan Purves, practice manager, on 0151 261 4704.

Repeat prescriptions can also be ordered online at

We do not take repeat prescriptions requests over the telephone unless you are housebound or elderly. Please allow 48 hours for processing. Sometimes you may be asked to come in and see the doctor before a prescription can be issued. Due to the large size of our practice, we prefer all prescription requests to be made in person, in writing, or online.

Online ordering of Repeat Prescriptions

You can order your repeat prescriptions online. To access this service you will need a Practice ID number and Access ID number which is obtained from the practice, and, in conjunction with a password, will be unique to you. Click here to use the online service.

Click here to Order Repeat Prescriptions and Book Appointments Online

Electronic Prescribing

The surgery now uses electronic prescribing, this allows the patient to order their repeat prescriptions in the usual way through the surgery and nominate a pharmacy of your choice to receive them electronically and pick up your medicines at your nominated pharmacy.

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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! First Footsteps Nurseries ltd